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Finally, time to
write an entry to our JDMselect Blog. I find so much meaning into writing
things which relate to cars and the like, but in the recent months, things have
been so busy that I couldn’t find time to even write a single entry. Hopefully,
this would spark something in me “again” to write these
Proving that
JDMselect isn’t just a mindless, brainless entity who sells parts, posts parts,
installs parts and the like.
Like you, and all the
diligent people in the world, we like our minds working, brainstorming,
reflecting, studying, read some books here and there and keeping ourselves up
late watching interesting thing on YouTube, may it be related to cars, installs
or something completely and utterly UNRELATED if you know what I mean.
So after 2 months of
the Autosalon, probably it’s safe to probably write about in, or comment about
it. After all the Facebook ramblings, arguments and bitter things, I think it’s
safe to blog it.
Yes blog about the
usual controversy which is, well, I know you guessed it. Original/Imported
Plastic Kit vs. Local Kit. There’s a lot of debating surrounding such issue,
lots of blind Nationalism being thrown in the issue, hard work, change the awarding
system here and there..
Well for me, you
might have predicted that I am biased towards imported ones. Well of course the
quality of plastic kits from Taiwan or Thailand or even the ones from USA are
way better. Many of you may disagree with me here but I’m sure on the back of
everyone’s minds, yes, they are admitting to such. Why is it better? Why does
the kit fit better OUT OF THE BOX, than locally fab’d ones?
Is it because of the
technology, that vacuum, the chemicals? Yes? 
Or probably the
skilled men involved to such work? Yes? 
Or is it because of
the equipment or a huge facility focused on manufacturing these kits?
Or because these
companies are putting serious money behind their products?
Or maybe because
these Taiwan/China/Thailand companies have graduated so long ago from Back-yard
looking fabrication spots. Yes?
It’s easy to bring in
Nationalism and protecting jobs into the issue because simply, you’re involved
in it. You have a shop that fabricates Local Kits. You’re a huge part of the
local industry that why you can say such things but I guess you have to leave
it up to the judges and of course, the audience/clients/buyers.
Use the local Myphone
analogy. I’m sure the big heads behind Myphone are proud of their product, and
they would love to attach Nationalism behind it, ang pagtangkilik ng sariling
atin slogan, but what are the audience, you, me and everyone else, is buying?
Iphones, Samsung Galaxies etc..
It’s just the same
thing with Imported and Local Kits. If the builder/buyer/client deems that
quality is better abroad, let him decide. 
Do imported kits
garner more points from judges? Does the paint jive well with it? Does it
simply look better during your months EBs with friends?
Does your Iphone
gather more Ohhhs and Ahhhs at the classroom or office? Does it work better and
seamlessly connect to every service in the internet?

You decide, after all, it’s your money. 🙂