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As Tania and I were riding our trusty scooter all across Bali as we head for the other side of the island, we in many ways bathed in a pool of cultures, attitudes and habits that the Island of the Gods has always been known for. The long motorcycle ride prompted us to do stopovers, talk to commonfolk, get our tea and street food at the roadside or simply stretch and marvel at the view that the unknown. Though we didn’t ride a 1000cc machine nor an expensive van to tour us around, we found ourselves shouting in joy and in silent prayer, thanking God for the means to have this “moment”, the sheer joy of discovery and simply being outside our comfort zone. It also reminded me of a few things back home, such as a recent experience I had with a friend as he entrusted his car to us. I learned that no matter what you do, explain, present and compare, you can never dictate your style and let him adapt it.

If a person is born out of the stance scene, it would be hard to teach static and impress unto him that a decent and workable drop will do, so as to be ready for sprints or the weekly trackdays. Or of this person has this love affair with huge body kits and wide fenders, its nearly impossible to tell him to keep it simple, low and clean. How about that guy who puts function at the pinnacle of all his car concerns, mahirap din paliwanagan yun to do his project justice by putting in a set of Rays 57 19s and some big brakes from Endless, ang irarason nya, mga 100 pages worth of automotive engineering coupled with his knowledge on Mathematics. Wag kalimutan ang kanyang  digital weighing scale and his knack of researching and weighing the parts before he approves of them. How about the JDM guys who whose love for this game can never be moved or replaced. No meet, fad, event, party, new part, new car, chick or barakada is going to move this persons world. Mahal nya ang kanyang straight TOM’s AE101, how its built, the parts in it, yun lang at wala na iba. How about the paint guy who puts utmost importance on paint quality and detail inside and out. Mga 30 minutes ka na nagkkwento kung gaano ka kainis doon sa sandbagger guy who’s been corrupting yung bracket niyo sa FORS pero there goes your friend, staring at his car while having it washed at his favorite car wash, in love, in trance, deeply spellbound by the his car’s perfect show car finish and of course his perfectly tucked-in and rare burning red Volk Racing CE28RT Limited Edition. 

So that’s if for now. By the time you are reading this you might be basking in the afternoon sun, by the beach, bear or wine on hand. Kasama chicks yes? Enjoy the holidays everyone. Be good.