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Are you a hater? Do you see yourself hating on other people’s rides? Or secretly hating? Not “liking” because you simply think that you can do better? Has this much to do with pride? 

I’ve recently noticed that on Facebook wherein the common enthusiast turn into haters when shown or showcased of other people’s masterpieces. Is it a natural progression for enthusiasts? I’ve always thought of it as something natural which comes hand in hand to being competitive. I guess its uncontrollable these days since people are cloaked behind the thick vale of laptops / desktops and the mask of a forum handle. 

I think guys should be selfless, they should stop hating may it be though small talk through the internet or even during barkada discussions. Why cant we appreciate rather than hate? Why cant we hold ourselves back and bring back the Starter’s enthusiasm towards cars? Do you remember or even see yourself hating when you first started fixing up cars? I don’t think so. I assume you would rather be curious and or smiling, rather than picking on the flaws and the trash parts the other car has.

Respect is key, discipline is second. The song by John Legend quickly reminds me of: Who do we think we are?

Are we that great as to be unappreciative of gradual steps? Of budgets, and individuals who don’t intend to be purist and Transhow-regulars but rather enjoy the lighter side of tuning?

After all, they guy with the Ferrari may be laughing or mocking secretly on the things which we think are the best. We will never know. 

So relax, appreciate, don’t hate. Breath the air of variety and consider it as a painting, an empty canvass, a community, a school, wherein enthusiasts are all in long journey.