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Facebook is the perfect place to post, pose and try to create an illusion for everybody so they can perceive you as you would want them to, or to try to exhibit an image, to be above everyone else, to look cool, intelligent, socially relevant, upscale, athletic and maybe for the simple reason of trying to impress that girl you have been dating. Kotse ng cliente, pinost na parang sa kanya. Mga nabentang motor, pinost in one single pic kahit na alam naman nating pagaari na yan ng mga kaibigan nya. How about your Facebook friend who only posts selfies with pretty models? Pero pag kasama na niya ang mga officemates niya ayaw na nya mag pa picture.

Away-pyesa is something I’ve witnessed recently on Facebook therefore, in a funny popcornish way, we, as spectators, witness how these people use Facebook to try to sway the crowd to their favor. After the big fight they had online wherein it gained 1267 likes, 456 comments, 20 pop-corn bags and and 19 bottles of Stella Artois, shempre si Online Pyesa guy #1 nagpost bigla ng inventory niya of parts, sharing past posts, sharing (again) his present post, gaining ground by tagging a couple of friends, clients and barkada to gain acknowledgement, to secure credibility. Aba the next day, si Online Pyesa guy #2 medyo palaban, nagpost ng kanyang bagong buo na kotse, ang garahe niya meron 3 spare Type R engines, aba bigla nasa shooting range sya, nag emote selfie pose kasama ng kanyang Glock G43 TFX Pro, bumabaril in slow-mo, may kasamang leadership quote from Winston Churchill, likely sending shivers to his rivals. wow.

It’s no mistake that Facebook is also a place for people wanting to be real, true and no BS. My friend for many years can be honest, brutal and a jerk, but he is real. He likes a post if its worth liking, and comments on a post if its worth commenting, its that simple.

Oftentimes, posers forget how diligent their friends are. That pictures, quotes and shares can simply perceived by “us” as predictable, kinda expected and simple case of once again trying to climb that social ladder.

We had a lot going in the past weeks as we singlehandedly planned, arranged and executed our wedding. We didn’t have organizers or specialists, all we had was “US”, our own money we worked around with and the will to make it work our way, and no other way. We didn’t try to please anyone, nor adhere to tradition, we wanted the wedding the to be as what we envisioned it. During such phase we also had multiple events such as trackdays wherein our friends and clients were participating, sactioned races wherein our sponsored cars are racing at gunning for podium finishes, shows which we need to attend to wishing our clients who had planned ahead and well as they gun for the best awards and not 2nd or 3rd. I always remind myself to take things one day at a time and to make the best of what father time has lent us. 

So there you go, medyo 20 minutes ko ito ginawa dahil maingay yung katabi ko dito sa Starbucks, leaving in a while and heading South. Take Care, be good!