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Looking back we all had our influences. As you are reading
this article, you are probably hooked up in the same addiction with all our
fellow enthusiasts. May it be it be your personal satisfaction of owning and
tuning your car, probably a high priced VIP sedan, your track weapon on
weekends as you make your way to Clark, probably a restoration which you and
your dad started years back. A joint project with your brother to combine funds
and finally build what you guys have been dreaming of for years as you read
countless Super Street magazines, or something simply out of love for cars, or
out of hate as you built the best car you could as your girlfriend broke up
with you and uttered the words: “buti ka pa, di ka nangiiwan”.
Personal is the word that covers all of these, but what
triggered you to be in this hobby? What type or when did the reaction take
place as you then decide to enter this industry?
My influence came from a guy named Glen, who I considered much
of a brother back then. To put it simply his Civic VTI, with the carbon fiber
hood, Spoon sidemirrors, Spoon chin with his Winmax sticker on it. That strange
looking Spoon N1 muffler and all the Spoon strutbars looked alien to me. The
swan-like sticker looked cool though, so as his matte black Sw388s, yumm. The
car was, well lowered by some yellow colored dampers and black springs, firm
but not bouncy, or should I say perfect? Everything was original of course.
That as early as the 1996-1997, individuals like him were
building Spoon cars in the truest sense. The sparks really flew when I hitched
a ride going home to Marikina via Commonwealth, the dazzling display of gauges,
and the then, very cool looking VAFC illuminated the dark cabin as we flew
across the “unrestricted Commonwealth” of the 90’s past 100kph.  The distinct sound of the Spoon N1 muffler
was all that I can hear even when I was in bed, dreaming. To him in a way, I
owe where I am today, and the passion for cars.
Pause, Stop, Reflect. switch of that engine, take a sip from
your Happy Lemon and take a bite from that glazed donut.
Who was your influence? What pushed you to be who you are
today? When did you realize that your really love what you do?