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You’re in traffic, because of the
gutter deep water in the next intersection, or at the office waiting it out, it’s
as if the clock is taking too long to reach 5thirsty, or probably at class,
listening to that very boring professor that can almost sing lullabies to kids
to get them to sleep. The aircon blowing through your face almost half asleep,
you’re bored… With everyday life, of the need to wake up, work or study, do
the routine, finish, eat then sleep and back again.
As car enthusiasts, what keeps you
motivated as you pass through that stage that it gets a little boring? You have
so much love for cars, and tuning and everything related, but it’s easily drowned
by the amount of work you have to do, or the never ending thesis that you or
your group-mates have to finish before the sem ends, the amount of effort to
keep things running in the company or striving to send the kids to a very good
school, things like that, responsibilities, tasks, promises, obligations, tend
to make things vague for us, it simpler terms, it kills our enthusiasm.
For me, the best way to liven up
our enthusiasm is to appreciate the smallest things that relate to our
. From being chased or tailgated by a WRX as you come from Antipolo
downhill from from a late night seminar, to spending 5 minutes just staring at
the Fairlady S30 your oh-so-rich boss just parked in front of your office. Or
accidentally coming across a carshow at the mall while fetching some groceries,
the S2000 kinda like saying hi to you, smiling at you, with its intercooler
right up front. Or a barkada night watching the last batch of BMI videos that
just arrived at the mailbox. Or simply stealing your newphew’s manga of Initial
D and actually witnessing what really happened after Stage 4. A quick visit to a
parts shop probably to breathe the air that keeps us all alive, or hitching a
ride home on your friend’s Evo5 in a way could be a quick fix or a drug.
Appreciation is key, as I said
earlier, avoid taking things for granted, recall how much time, money and
effort you spent building your project car, because nowadays time flies to fast
that we fail to grasp the true meaning, the inner workings of the hobby which
we all love.