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As I was listening to 88.3’s OPM rock on a
Saturday afternoon
, heading back from the supplier, I quickly recalled my grade
school days as Parokya ni Edgar played. The days when we had our class night at
that old auditorium and we had to sing, as a class Harana, with our classmate
who really loved acting, headed up front and did some extra emo-actions. Such
experiences cannot be brought back, and remain solely for memories and
look-backs to time long gone.

In many ways, if you look back to your own
experiences of such, you would 9 times out of 10 say to yourself, finally, “nakatapos
din ako, nakagraduate din ako”. Truly such beautiful life experiences are part
of a long and painful journey of the academe. 

Its the same way with cars I guess, graduating
from the usual bolt on stuff like mufflers and intake, to creating a full blown
race engine, travelling to Manila even to have that dream engine built or
flying the tuner from Manila to Cebu, all expense paid, it’s the same way with
wheels, starting on the usual budget friendly Rotas, then later on, finally,
being able to afford genuine TE37s, wheels which you’ve only dreamt of, or read
at magazines. Remember the days of cut and compressed springs? Then on through
your car-life you then we able to afford some decent springs from TEIN, then
things get a little more serious and you shift to a set of coilovers which you’
so anal about as you adjust them weekly on Sundays after your morning jog.
Probably another form of graduation is selling that sport compact and buying a
pickup or a van for the kids. And just like any school boy, there are cases
that one simply does not learn, problem child, a repeater as you may call it,
and thus, on his twilight years purchases a Civic EG and modifies the hell out
of it. 

There are so many examples of these forms of progression, the bottom-line
really is, everything is so much sweeter when taken at a right pace, wherein
you learn through the process, you get so much data through the problems and
fixes that sometimes you feel like a genius for a couple of weeks. A
labour of love as you may call it.
Right now, I have so much respect for the
people who built. Not bought. Give credit, where credit is due.

Graduation and its various forms. Enjoy!