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Listening to Different Sundays on 88.3 brings about different emotions unto one’s self. It deeply related to
what as we usually call, the soundtrack of the different memorable experiences
of our lives. 

May it be the barkada’s carpool of a Hi-ace van going to the
ball, all suited up, nervous, handsome and fidgety, or a summer trip with your
classmates, leaving from the school grounds, to Batangas, E-heads, Foo Fighters in the
background, you open the car’s window, and the cool and fresh breeze brushes
through your face, or moments with close friends as you head to Antipolo at your favorite place, lying down at the grass, with eyes planted unto the sky,
waiting for each shooting star and ready to make that special wish. Dave Matthews, plays the lullaby as you guys get to sleep with dream and aspire of your future as you step out from college. Or riding the “bangka”, dizzy yet excited
as you get of a glimpse of Boracay, the rhythm of RNB and hiphop can be heard
from a far, and who could argue that it truly blends well with what we commonly
call the summer air..

Truly, songs are a time machine, and in my opinion, is the best way to feel and relive the past, even for just a second.