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As I was browsing through the internet particularly
Honda-tech forums, researching, part-studying the parts of the new Civic and
how interchageable it was to the Civic FD, I came across some post by competitor
shops at Facebook. Boy, did they evolve into posting parts and installs,
similar to what we did and have been doing for the past 6 years. Remember,
JDMselect is an online shop and we’ve thrived through the internet even before
we formally opened a tangible shop. In our hearts, we will always be an online entity;
furthermore, I have even dedicated a separate office for basic inquiries,
sending parts Nationwide and demos, that being: JDMselect Kalayaan Avenue.
Posts like: At the ______ Shop, installing this or that, or
New Arrivals, or sending tracking numbers of shipments, or pictures of cars
with quotes and captions etc etc etc.
I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t partly
irritated but you know, the internet is a free world, we need to understand
that. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Maybe my years of
posting in such manner sort of influenced them, or maybe they are just
evolving, just like the internet, so easy and convenient in sharing such. I
just wanted to get it off my chest that’s all, if there’s something you won’t
get from me, it’s hating. I’d rather appreciate and reflect than hate.
So here we are, approaching JDMselect’s 6th year.
Please do not forget about us, remember that we’re enthusiasts, not a bunch of
greedy guys selling fake parts at original prices, push selling and the like. We
sell high quality parts, we educate others by posting and elaborating, we smile
when we entertain questions, we text or call the soonest that we can,
12:00midnight is usually allocated for answering the hundreds of questions we
get on Facebook (Just click on the message tab right below our Cover Photo at
the JDMselect Facebook Page) before heading to sleep. 
Remember us, as the Pioneers of sharing on Multiply and
Facebook at least here in the Philippines. Our experiences, our parts, our
installs, all our shipments and proof, pics of being annoyed or entertained as
we are stuck in traffic, maybe a random shot of the road as I head to the shop
on Sunday.  Remember us for these small
things, as you wake up early in the morning, seeing our greetings and the never
ending parts posts. Remember us for our enthusiasm even for the simplest of cars.
The only thing probably that I can offer you now is this. My
writing, my blog
, how I narrate such thoughts at a level which is probably so
opposite of a typical parts and service guy can provide. It’s easy to pour in
captions and all, shallow words which are constantly copied and pasted.
But to write with the heart and mind, these things cannot be
bought nor can it be attributed to expensive vices or hobbies.
This blog is a piece of my mind, reminding you that there’s
a working brain behind all of this. As much as I can, I write the best way
possible, this too is homage to my extra-diligent classmates at the Ateneo, who
now are surely very successful in their own fields. To my teachers, professors
and mentors.
Pizza is now delivered and it’s time for dinner. Have a
great evening everyone. Take it easy.J