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On one occasion during one of my very
busy x100 days, I
 decided to go to Megamall after some errands in Ortigas. Going to Megamall, on a weekday presents you with the liveliest of occurrences, particularly at
 food court.
With an empty tummy only means one thing for me after a long day on the
road doing
 deliveries and such, it means
the all time favourite
 Pinoy Toppings with is huge
serving of rice. As I was
 feasting on the food I
carefully scanned around the other tables, I can see different
 bardkadas, all laughing, having fun, and picking on the usual “tanga” or “funny guy” from the group. As they usually say it, hindi completo ang barkada kung walang tanga or someone to pick
This scenario directly reflects that of the common fun runs. What better way to enjoy your car than by
going to
 Tanay, Tagaytay, Subic or any driving road with your friends, letting your cars rolls,
which is what they’re designed for, hanging out for coffee, cake and drunks,
25% car talk and 75% random stuff.
work that way.
I wonder how ultra rich guys do it. Do
they stare at
 their projects all alone
at night while sipping on that expensive wine? Wonder in its beauty and power
as he goes around the village or compound. All alone with no one to share it
Or does it really the way for some
 kind of guys that they don’t want anyone seeing their projects even with
 internet age? I heard the NSX guys in the
US are that way.
So which do you prefer?