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After arriving 30 minutes ahead of time and taking a nap at the nearby parking lot, I quickly fixed up and walked towards Church. To serve some information, this was at GCF at Ortigas, during its 5:30pm Service.

As I was walking leisurely towards the building, a car almost hit me, obviously he was rushing towards the GCF basement parking. No sorry’s, no apologies, no short beep beep or whatnot, the guy just headed down to park his car. 

Faith, religion. Yes. No matter how hard you pray, and how attentive you are at Church, during the message, how many times you read the bible and study its true meaning, it will never ever change who you truly are, at heart. Clearly, it goes to show that some people use Faith as a front, some sort of having a “sense” of belonging. Probably a mission or purpose during Sundays? Something to cancel out all their shortcomings or bluntly speaking, their sins throughout the week. To feel intimate or focused at times, to jump the bandwagon of serving a one true God. In the end it will always be the person, on what’s inside that heart, what kind of character revolves around that person. We’ve all been witness to these kinds of individuals, you know that.

Somewhat parallel to this is how we drive. Are we just really selfish cardboard boxes driving around the Metro? Bots, machines and puppets driving around doing about our business. Or had we got time to honk your horn to say thank you for letting you pass. Or waving short hand to the person who gave way. Or signaling some people at the pedestrian to freely pass.

Have you experienced a jeepney driver or taxi driver who looks so clueless and surprised that you actually gave way to him in a busy intersection, with his engine jerking from suddenly accelerating. 

He was surprised, thats just about it. He’s so used to the rudeness of Philippine driving, the mind your own business, bumper to bumper kind of driving, that we was left clueless during that “kind and noble” moment of yours.

Have you experienced such? Maybe if we become more “human” with our driving, others may follow suit.