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Having to fly off to attend a momentous event in other
people’s lives is such a wonderful experience for me. Being noble enough to cut
your busy schedule and pay your own hotel and food expenses is such a
backpacker approach to travelling. Yes, did I mention food? That would be on
top of the list. I can safely say that though I’m not formally a food blogger, I
can run with the best of them, well in terms of the food tasted and the resto’s
visited. Having a gf who also loves eating comes in handy, and yes, she stays
slim. 🙂
During the celebration, with the huge venue, everything so designed well, as it was approaching its end, the
music catering to the newlywed couple and their respective families, people dancing,
everyone looks so happy that you can’t help but admire, well, how they
celebrate, that is my approach on things. At the back of my mind as I was
sitting quietly in the farther table trying to reason with myself of what’s left of the food and has it really satisfied me, I can’t help but think of the amount of
work that has to be dealt with as I head back to Manila. Or the work that my
staff has undergone through the days I was gone, was it enough? Did they please
the customer? Did all parts fit well? Questions like that linger in my mind, where online orders sent?. I
just couldn’t relax; indeed its a curse.
All along I was thinking all these celebrating will be done
in a few hours, and come Monday, everybody has to go back to work, just like
the rest of the year. No matter how wild you party during the weekend, how good
your date was, I always thought of the end, that come Monday, everyone has to
go back to their “usual states”
Which brings us to our forms of tuning. Our years are spent
on building and fixing cars, we put a nice set of TE37s or some shiny new wheels Work, SSR or Advan, those aggressive stances on our cars, through the process we also put in body kits,
show quality paint, a myriad of decals and details usually found for the
interior etc. etc, but as the years go by, as we age and so does are our
approach to tuning, we see ourselves toning down and concentrating on Performance.
If it is not needed, why put it? Does it make the car run faster and handle
better? It is really lighter than stock? Will those rare JDM pieces shave lap
times of The Clark Speedway?

Just like the life of a party, it has to end, that come
Monday, you need to wake up early in the morning and head to work and make a
living. The same goes for tuning and building cars, after all the kits, the
expensive paint job, huge wheels and rare JDM pieces, later on you’ll see
yourself toning down and concentrating on what is important. 

That of
performance, the real purpose and mission of the “machine” is to tear up
the track or on most basic terms, make you smile as you head to Tanay that
early Sunday morning, apex upon apex..