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Since this 2 hour flight is so boring as we are reportedly 36,000 feet above, I’d like to reflect on how interconnected we are. Earlier this morning, I woke up hearing the news of a new scandal. No its not the pork barrel scandal but the Sex scandal involving Wally Bayola and the Dancer Yosh of Eat Bulaga. We are indeed interconnected, though the web and Facebook as its host. We receive news now at pace or even faster as it is reported on TV. We’re connected in a way that we feel each other, we get updated from each other’s stats and likes, and food places, or where we go during free time, whose Birthday and the like. We’re updated on who’s hot, or not, who’s together and who recently broke up. We stalk our long time crush, only to know that she’s isn’t as glamorous as she is 20 years after. 
Ive always dreamed of this, of being able to connect with friends of past and staying updated though the simplest way possible. These things have been predicted you know, if you read your daily dose of PC Gamer, PC Magazine and even the editors of EGM. The ultimate question of:  What are they up to nowadays? The internet can be a double edged sword for us Car enthusiasts, fist we can get updated on parts, witness other’s builds, learn from each other or the simple joy of sharing your ride to follow car club members or maybe just a random or huge group of movement who share the same passion as you do. From hi-res pictures, to mods list, to installs and new parts, Facebook has really helped up connect in a way that we thought was not possible years ago. Who uses Cardomain nowadays? I guess no one. 
The bad thing is, well haters. I’ve always been an advocate of being fair and treating people the best way I can, may it be through inquiries, or show-offs, simple questions, purchases and the like. But as you all know it cannot be avoided especially with each other’s rides. I guess that the price we have to pay for such interconnectivity. Through the internet veil as I call it, we are to face a million personalities. Individuals who we could jive with or simply have conflicting views, regardless of what topic, even delving through politics, showbiz, sports and society. Everyone is subject to criticism, and we too admittedly, even in our discreet way, see ourselves judging others. Its just that through Facebook, we get to witness criticism though the most immediate and direct manner. 
I’ll be landing soon, and to just let every kid at heart now, I never get tired of take-offs.
Have a good day everyone.