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As I write this essay inside the plane thousands of feet above ground, I recall walking through Ortigas during a parts delivery after office hours is always a joy for me to do. During these moments do I remember the early days of JDMselect wherein I would deliver parts day in and day out at the same time working a day job. It’s even better this time since all the lights and decors are out, its Christmas time by the way, a season which we should savour during its early days. I’ve always believed that Christmas is best appreciated a month or so before it hits. During this time, we get to enjoy it, the busyness and buzz of everything from traffic to Christmas Shopping and the like. When Christmas day hits, or at least the 26th, we all know its over. Gifts have been opened, the clear realization that work is now looming behind us as the new year starts. 

Going back to Ortigas, I’ve always enjoyed watching these tall buildings as I oblige myself to park all the way from GCF and take the long walk way to Megamall or Shang. This is to burn more calories by the way. Looking at the buildings and how tall they are, dwarfs every little aspiration or dream I could think of. These big corporations from San Miguel to RCBC to Unionbank are kings of their respective fields. It always feel great to be humbled at the sight of these structures. The feeling of there is something or someone above you, something that you don’t necessarily aspire to overcome, but more of to inspire you and keep you levelled. 

This bring us to our industry, cars and tuning. I’ve observed some individuals who think they know so much, who are extra passionate on things that they end up making enemies and attracting negative attention. They tend to expect other individuals to be as “pure” as they are or deep rooted. In my honest opinion this is depriving other people of their own discovery of things, its also a bit rude of trying to force a certain culture unto people who in the end spend their own money on these expensive parts, may it be classy, pure, JDM or baduy.

People should just take it easy, let people enjoy themselves and their cars. Add the right amount of learning and let them discover for themselves. In the end, these individuals who think so highly of themselves might even be critized by our next door big budgeted neighbours from Japan, Malaysia or Australia. Its a cycle, I’ve witnessed it time and again, and we can never be so sure. I’ve always believed in being humble and respecting other’s take on tuning or fixing up. Cars and non-car related. I’m fortunate enough to be sensitive to such things or to people’s emotions, from my experience to teaching kids, working for the corporate world and operating a business.

I’ve always had the idea that Facebook has given way for bragging and disrespecting to be somewhat acceptable. Obligatory likes, friendships for “business” and “political” purposes are somewhat common if you ask me. 

The more you know, the more expensive it gets. The more you know, the more critical you are. It’s a basic curve which we discover but in the end the most important thing which we should be able to master or handle is respecting others…

That alone and above else 🙂