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Grassroots happens during small gathering, at gas stations and the like. Grassroots is when you go to your fist EB with your project car, in the past maybe through calls and text, and in more modern times through group messaging or Facebook.

As I traverse Edsa going to a carshow to visit my client’s entry, I am reminded of the earlier days, where we as a group would join the meetings and simple gatherings on weekends. I’ve always believed that these meetings or events are what nurtures as as enthusiast. I’m also reminded of the talk I had with one of the organisers about a show he would like to do himself, something like Cannibeat or Cars  and Coffee in the US or UK. Friends, Cars, Food, Pics, I guess the question is how dp you make money and promotions out of that.

This I think is the highest level of enthusiasm, just like overexcited kids at malls. The meetings at night, the gatherings of various car similar, related or completely different from each other. These events excites us, it teaches us, it makes us look farther and at the same time having a sense of loyalty into the equation. Hopefully, one does not become too loyal as in sometimes annoys a lot of people at the forums. And yes, those are called fanboys.