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I’ve had dinner with a long time friend from the car industry the other night and we were discussing weird relationships. I’m not sure how that topic came in, because it was completely unrelated to the likes of Cameras, cars and business. But anyways, I was telling him of the people I’ve recently met and in “natural” terms how weird the relationships they have to other people. The impact they make on Facebook or perhaps a possible “character” they are projecting. That there are certain individuals who are so used to being the center of attraction that they miserably fail to differentiate the limelight from real life. Many are vain, some are conceited, some are demanding and manipulative.  Maybe I was just fortunate to be with people in the past who are key into that kind of industry, thats why for me, its like nit-picking on their lives, a common observance or basking on how predictable they are. 

A quick discussion too on break-ups on how one moves on, and how it completely relates to cars. We all had our relationships, we know that, some sweet, some disasters, some of long term, some of flings, we had careers that even are influenced by our past relationships, or even attitudes or tendencies shaped by our partners. Parting ways will always be painful. That is realty. No matter how many trucks of flowers you send someone, when its time to part ways, that will not be remembered. How many time you’ve brought her to and from school or the office, or waited for her at the lobby, mall, museum, shed or park, that will not count at the end of the day. No matter how many trips or gimmicks you go to, dinner, lunch, getaways, it will all be for nothing at the end of the day. The many triumphs, defeats, experience, lesson learned, that will just flow through like water. But keep note of such experiences make you strong though. 

The same goes for cars I guess. That the countless hours working on the engine, the interior, the many days you’ve spent on working on it, the trips to and from numerous shops, the parts you’ve sought for, put on, and the list goes on. In the end, when its time to part ways with the car, thats it. You hang a figure at Sulit, and its done. They say its personal, but I’ve always believed that thats temporary. That at the end of it all, there will come a time that you’ll emotionally part with it, hang a figure and move on to the next car or bigger project. Sunny days at the garage, barkada nights inuman with the cars parked outside, the track days, the beach runs to Batangas or Zambales, your road trips, triumphs at the car shows. Those are but memories to the mind and heart, because at the end of the day, father time dictates emotion, father time plays with our tendencies, our decisions as just “humans”. Later on, we will part ways…