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Father time skilfully plays with us in so many ways. Tonight was really something to be remembered. Just imagine someone very significant from your past reincarnated to present. So the question, is, how do you deal with that. You gain access to her through good friends, you observe from speech, through very similar physical features, skin colour, build. It was like entering a time machine and being brought to past. Partly as a ghost, as much as you want to talk to her, touch her and listen to her, the “present” does not allow you to do that, because simply and metaphorically, “times have changed”. That the sweetheart from UP is no more, nor is the swimmer from the Philippine Team. This is just a random rant from yours truly. Because sometimes I wonder how I got into this industry and should have been teaching, writing or doing voluntary work for the NGOs.  

One of the most important things for today is a friend finally revealing his self. How he thinks of certain relationships, how they go about. How he truly feels on his situation, his frustrations and what not. Its always refreshing to finally hear someone’s side of the story, after all his FB pics, rants and posts, which in the first place you’ve been wanting to dig out since day one, you finally see the real him. Discovering that he too, is human. That the things you sympathize on, whether related or unrelated to him, are the same things he’s gradually revealing. That is good stuff… 

Going on long drives present a gazillion things to ponder and dream about. The smell of burnt wood as you pass through the roads of provinces remind me of the days our parents would leave us in Pampanga and just go about our normal life, on vacation. Driving on a very long road also can be a very quiet one. I am reminded of the days wherein I would just sit at the bench of Church Of Gesu at Ateneo and look at the stars on a plain Wednesday evening. Crickets cheering and leaves cracking, and thats about it. You look up the sky and for some reason you get sucked into its solemnity. Breakfast being cooked in the nearby houses as you make a stop over in the middle of nowhere reminds me of breakfast in grade school. Erick Luz, a long time friend would put his heavy arms around us “barkada” and we would head to the Cafeteria and grab the usual Tocino, Egg and Rice. The staff would usually serve those in plain “platito’s”, the food looked so plain though it tasted good enough to fill us up in the morning with good laughs and kalokohan, all go which we will never forget. When you usually go for drives, its always unavoidable to encounter a few boys playing basketball at a makeshift basketball  court. That clearly reminds me of our teacher whose class was right before PE. She would sit there, delay leaving and watch us dress up into our basketball gear. To keep the story short, she was enjoying what she was seeing. Stories of such can never be forgotten and are engrained into our hearts. I wish yours is filled a lot too. 

Good night everyone, random rants, just for tonight 🙂