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It’s a rainy evening here at the Ateneo, I just finished
jogging. I’m waiting at the shed which overlooks Katipunan with the big Eagle
symbol behind me. Its a joy hanging out here because you get to see how
Katipunan has evolved over the years. The high rise buildings, the new and hip
resto’s and of course the long standing Sweet Inspirations and Mcdo. I remember
walking through Katipunan with the joy of holding a Coney Island Icecream and
with Filbars in sight.

Do you actually take time to sit, relax and go through your
memory? Does anyone actually do that? Do you really go through your memories
through childhood with your yaya, or your gradeschool fights? Or the slide at
the back of your schools, the spiders you caught during lunch time? Or the
footlong and sago which you regularly ordered during lunch as you ate in the
football field? The girl you’ve been crushing on perhaps? Or the time the tindero
cursed you because you dropped your 1 peso coin in his full gallon of watermelon
drink? The Math teacher your dreaded because he always kept you standing in the
middle because you weren’t fast enough to answer the questions, or the Science
teacher who somehow smelled the same as the mongo plants she was experimenting
on. The Snes and Genesis Streetfighter nights, the phonecalls with the
girlfriends and a lot more…

As I was headed here, I saw a group of bikers who were
riding a particular style of long-slung bikes, like miniature cruisers, they
had tattoo’s and were sporting long hair and matching shirt. Similarly, a group
of rat-look EFs buzzed though me as I was making a U-turn. They too had that
familiar hockey mask in their headrest and all the stickers resembling their
counterparts from Japan. The 3rd were skaters, passionate on their
craft, they had their thrasher look getup. The cool-looking Vans matching each
unique skateboard. I assume that each design is a reflection or their belief in

I couldn’t help but admire these people. In a complex world wherein we are pushed each morning as we get up to meet deadlines, make
profit and please people, these guys are breaking out of their mold and
enjoying life. Life which is full of passion for the things they aspire for.
That beyond all the obligations that father time has blessed us, they have
something to focus on, to thrive on. It’s not merely being different, or having
a hobby, or being an enthusiast. Its living IT. And living life. To put it
bluntly, I think these guys as they ride together, they get this feeling that
is unique and similar to a couple of surfers waiting for the next big wave. Think
obout it.

I promise myself that my next road trip will be southbound.
And I wont bring a Mac this time, only an Iphone (lol). No baon of paperworks
and a very small zero star appartelle or Kubo to stay at with a wonderful view
of the mountains or the ocean, the breeze blowing through my face and whispering
a common word called “life” unto my ears.

Have a great week everyone. Keep safe! J