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Women, of different attitudes and tendencies. I need not say more or elaborate on my experience but I’m sure you get me. The emo song plays on the radio and you couldn’t relate more, that the song fits your situation. Ive always believed that being single and in the “zone” is always a blessing and a curse. Its a blessing because you get to be in the market and there is no better feeling than admiration and certain emotions that make you do more, make you excel, make you do anything for that loved one. The bad side is, being love sick, you slow down, you got idle times, you have a tendency to day dream and the like. Women are indeed a mystery, that as much as you think you’ve met them all, boom, you’ll find someone who you like so much, who’ll turn your world upside down and in the end, it will not seem to work out. 

Much like into cars, there comes a time that you’re in an undecided or flat state wherein you not quite sure what step to make on your project. Am I better of selling it, buying this newer engine which is a K20 and ditching the good old b-series, or having everything stripped out and getting a new colour or shall end up selling it for an 86 or a BRZ. Is my car’s generation long gone and forgotten, do I rely upon its tried and tested chassis, and legendary image or shall I hang a figure at OLX and make a trip to the nearby car dealer for a new purchase. As humans we’re born undecided, or at least born to make decisions. Our emotions play a huge role in our humanity, may it be towards our special someone or the hobby which we all truly love. So as much the “Its complicated” adage is used in a lot of relationships, it too can be used with your personal relationship with your car…

My friend Aly and I was traversing the Edsa traffic and I was dearly honking on my customer’s Js Racing Civic FD which we’ve helped built over a course of a year, his dad too drives a City GM that of which we have provided a lot of parts too. I was honking and they didn’t choose to look at us given that both were untinted. Knowing myself, I’d bring down the window and say my hellos but it was futile. I laughed it away and I knew it was going to be part of my blog. 

I’ve always believed that fellow car enthusiasts has this auto-wall in front of them. That they appear to be masungit and just look straight or sure make an effort that they don’t get caught looking at your car. Im not saying its a bad thing or lack of appreciation, but I think its just natural for enthusiasts because they got pride, and such quality is deeply rooted in this hobby of ours. Im pretty sure that when you get to know that suplado car enthusiast, he’d be the most jolly person you’ll meet. This is also related to my experience of meeting a couple  of EK hatch enthusiasts back in 2006 from South who were a bit maangas at the HCP Forums but when we met them, they are the warmest car guys you’ll ever meet. 

So I guess that’s it for now, I need to head out and get some grub. Have a great weekend guys, take it easy. 🙂