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I’ve always wondered how Kindness transcends everything. How one’s kindness can survive different settings may it be when dealing with different people, families, car groups and the like. Can a person’s kindness eventually make him survive say for example he’s courting a girl who is partly materialistic and user friendly? Or suddenly being sucked into a barkada, wherein a lot of them are free loaders, will kindliness eventually triumph everything wherein he’s gong to earn the respect that he deserves? My good friend told me that good things happen to good people and I’ve always believed him on that, thats everything may eventually work out for the better, only faster or maybe smoother given the person has paid his dues and have treated people with what they truly deserve, if you know what I mean. 

People have different colours, we all know that. Everyday we encounter people through friendships, random conversations, relationships and dates. The joys of dating women is a truly remarkable experience. It demands understanding, it’s synonymous to discovery by all means, it requires control not in the physical sense but as we delve deeper, I truly meant holding off some emotions or reactions that are brought upon by the mere fact that you tow have been brought suddenly together, as you are from different worlds and thus sparks and clashes of sorts. I just feel that sometimes, if you’re wise enough, you get to predict the other person, or you see thorough actions or tendencies. You actually know what the other person is trying to do but you hold off your reaction through words primarily because not everything has to be acted upon, or given a solution, or maybe a conflict. Or when someone criticises you, you just keep quiet or remain idle because deep inside or even through the eyes of many, by all means, through the simplest tangible things or maybe what you are and what you have, you are simply bigger and better. Not everything has to come down to “sumbatan” or “yabangan”, sometimes, its better to keep quiet and stay low, not because an argument is tiresome, but because there is still a tiny ounce of person to person respect and the outcome is even better. 

Have you seen the recent pictures of the EKHB Cradle meet at the Fort BGC? Now thats transcending. Through 20 plus years, as the newer models have come in, STI’s, Evos, Jazz’, the BRZs and 86’s, the Civic’s still look so relevant. The style, and the simple form may contribute largely to that but in the end, the Civic EK’s will always hold as special place in this industry. Thats something you cannot buy with money, these cars more than money are a result of a careful selection of parts and patience. The feel and how people perceive of them are something thats only dictated by time, and they age like fine wine. 🙂

Goodnight everyone. My food is here and I’m digging in.