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I was talking to a few of my friends the night before at CBTL, as I was discussing living alone and all it’s plus and minuses. In reality, its all plusses since you have all the benefits of well, living alone if you know what I mean. You just have t be responsible enough and realistic with your budget as it is a true gateway into independence and keeping everything straight. Aside from that, I had to keep the client’s cars that I bring home for painting and various upgrades away from the irritable eyes and ears of parents. One big minus would be food. Since I don’t cook and no ones cooks for me yet, I’d have to result to eating out which is always a welcome adventure at first but lonely and tiresome through the latter. Dating on the other hand is a whole different story.

The Facebook sidebar and notifications list is such a wonder isn’t it? Through it you can almost see through a person’s character? How? through his likes, posts, and comments. Forget about being a Doctor, Excutive, Pastor or Mentor, do you have a friends, who oftentimes post nude pictures on a private or secret Facebook group page? I even described him to my friend as someone who I almost looked up to through his profession, but she readily said, “it does not matter Donds”, and politely tapped me in the arm as her sister was in the back seat. Probably someone who has a genuine love for cars? As 99% of his posts on Facebook are about cars and nothing else. Or someone who surfs as he rips through the waves during weekends and oftentimes goes shopping at Quick Silver and Hurley giving you a quick indicator on his passion. Or someone who builds cars, writes on a regular basis and reads 3 inch thick books on weekends, and you know he’s not 1 dimensional. 

The saying “life is to short for boring cars” in reality can be applied to everyone’s lives. Whether you’re really into cars as you own a Civic, Jazz, Evo, Silvia, and 86 or the exotics. I just gave someone a quick advice and asked me if I was reading what I was saying over the phone. As Mr. Raul Roco would say, “Write everything down…memory is treacherous.”, and thus here I am, writing it down. The saying also applies to general life, and loving life as we know it at the same time paying homage to our parents who have sacrificed so much for us during their lifetime. (I prepared dinner for them tonight btw :)) Our parents have given us life, gave us education, worked for us, woke up early in the morning, strived for what is best, fed us, worked to give us the best and raised us to the best of their ability. No matter what your relationship is with your mom and dad today, distanced or close, dependent or independent, alive or not, this is a principle which I believe must be ingrained in all of us. That in the end our parents would like us to be in a very good situation, not in something which we sometimes or often regret, not in something that we are ashamed of, or something we hide, or something that stresses us everyday, or something na “pwede na”, things that make us cry, or bring us down, or a certain emotion that makes us feel like we’re inside a box and we can’t escape. 

Life is too short to drive boring cars, and that adage simply translates to living life to the best way we can. You and I, and everyone else should be having dinner at a nice resto with our loved ones having a great time with a great view in front of us, candle light dinner at home, or going to La Union for surfing and ripping the waves on a Sunday Morning, or going for a drive on your tune car to Tagaytay to grab your favorite cheesecake at BOB, having a good and intellectual conversation with random laughs and giggles in between, or running hastily through the halls of Powerplant to watch your epic movie, or lying in the beach and starring at the horizon as the blue rush unto your feet. Looking up the deep blue sky, closing your eyes momentarily and thankfully saying praises up above, that there is good in life and these are the things that our parents I’m sure have wished us to be having. 

Cheers! Our Ateneo Junior Midgets is having a big game tomorrow mornong against Xavier, so I’m hitting the sheets early. Goodnight everyone and have a great weekend!