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Maybelle annd I made a stop over after watching a epic play by Floy Quintos at Palma Hall in UP to grab a few fish balls, a hotdog sandwich and drinks at the nearby sari sari store. We sat amongst the trees with a clear view of all the joggers in the area and the field as it housed a mix of football and frisbee. The area is highlighted by the signature afternoon shade from the sky, as the air is filled with energy and enthusiasm. Such “firsts” for me like spontaneously just stopping over, buying some fish balls, the sandwich, even that pink cotton candy and randomly just hanging under the tree for a casual conversation are things which do not happen often, thus are now engrained in my head. It is as if I didn’t want it to end but as I always say, time sets all the rules and I knew it was ending in a few minutes, prompting me to absorb every detail. The setting, also solidifies my idea of what it feels to study in UP. In the past I have discarded it as just another school managed by the government, but after spending that moment, and a few days before it I finally caught the UP “feel”. though hard to explain, it can be described as life in college with a huge amount of diligence, freedom, expression, and the typical “Pinoy Life”. In my honest opinion, the campus has a certain chemistry which is hard to beat even with the likes of Lasalle or Ateneo. 

Cars on the other hand share the same sentiment of you ask me. Different cars have different feels unto it. Others may feel so reliable, others feel so luxurious and distant to the road, and others feel as if they are exclusive machines with the only purpose of ripping the road. As I always say, its best to drive as many cars as possible for you to complete such idea. It would be better of course if you built a lot f cars during your lifetime, because beyond the body kits, lights and aesthetic pieces, are a car’s soul. That of which is rooted upon handling and driving performance. What makes you Civic FD different from your sister’s Altis? 🙂 What makes your Evo7 different from your best friend’s legendary EVo5? Why does a Nissan Silvia put a smile on your face when you drive it as compared to a car 20 years younger? Questions that may guide you for many years to come.