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There’s a life that is attached to this industry and not everyone knows it. When its getting too artificial, or a bit gloomy, or Laguna-beach-esque like in MTV, it kinda drains you a bit especially if you’re really an enthusiast more than anything else. When relationships seem to shallow already and it starts to in a way lessen your spirit. Observe as the others proudly post and seem to be absorbed by the perks of it, that it seems that it has taken over their life, may it be the beautiful faces or the nightly hang outs and what not. When you’ve seen to much attitude, or basically things which are definitely way off the mark as what a good education can provide. Or even questioning yourself as why you have gone down from a queen sized bed to a mat spread out on the floor in exchange for freedom and a view of what they call the real world. When you’re completely blanked because sometimes its never rational anymore and you end up wasting much clock.

Times like these, makes me want to step back, take a closer look at my roots, and well, just basically build another car. It’s not pride or a simple whim, it’s not trying to prove something or even competition. I call it a cure or a major therapy. Nothing else trumps all these emotions but an excellent canvass to start with and a slew of parts. Go old school with some post its, a calculator and writing down the things you need plus a budget to work on. It is but a simple gesture, or maybe a symbolism of a car guy. That no matter how deep or been tainted by the workings of this industry, he can pause, think over, and do what he does best. Something that is brought about by his passion, what ultimately, what brought him to what he is today. I think I want to go back now. Read between the lines.