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I wonder what does it mean to be alive, driving back home with the windows down, hearing the sound of the engine and the quick bursts from the muffler. The BOV signaling your hesitation on a few bumps and curves on the road. It was one good night after all, at the bar with some of our good friends from the industry celebrating their 3rd anniversary. Our friends from the photog-industry have always been good to me. More than anything, they have helped us in many ways and have also given me a wider perspective on things in our own industry. 

The very pretty singer clearly knew what songs to sing, and our friends couldn’t help but relate, add to that the intoxication from overflowing booze and a couple of hard drinks. And most importantly, a level of controlled despair, as much of them, still single, hopeful, hopeless, loving, loveless and still aspiring for that one girl to turn their world upside down. This I guess is living, to give in the our weaknesses as humans, to live and let go, to move away from the daily stresses and simply sit down, slouch, relax and open a few drinks with friends. Let a few good songs be the soundtrack of your life from time to time. 

I live alone. The projects greet me in the garage with open arms. I opened my door, NBA games left open in the TV to keep the air a bit noisy, I pack up for Tagaytay. Going up very early in the morning reminds me of long trips outside Manila as a kid. The hint of breakfast being cooked at the nearby houses warms the heart, the Christmas decor still lit, people lining up for church reminds me its a Sunday. I settle down in a small cramped wooden house to grab sleep for a few hours. 

That was a wild week by the way, but as you’ve always known me, I couldn’t afford to be caught up in the mind with all those things. The last 2 weeks of Autosalon and now the B2BX was so busy, and I was going back and forth different shops and individuals to bring them their parts. I’ve always believed in parts though, more than the “stickering”, a new term which I have developed for people putting stickers on client’s cars even if in essence does not give it really any true value. I’m proud to say that we have provided the main stuff to a couple of Manila Auto Salon participants, from seats to brake kits to suspension and such. Those are the “mains”, period. 

A few trips outside Manila keeps me sane, an early morning breeze, a book to read and writing. That I love and it keeps me grounded. 

Pasko na huy! Pakinggan mo ang mga tugtugin sa radyo, sa kapehan, ang mga himig sa simbahan. Langhapin ang amoy ng bibingkang niluluto ni aling Nena sa kanto, masdan ang mga makikinang na ilaw sa mga bahay at lugar-pasyalan. Ilapit ito sa iyong damdamin dahil hindi mo mamamalayan na ito’y lilipas na din. So what better way is to indulge yourself in such. Have a good week guys, be good. Keep safe. 😀