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One of the best things about Christmas is seing an extra smile on everyone’s faces, smiles which you wouldn’t normally see on a normal day, except that of December. Jeepney drivers give way, tricycle’s are exceptionally orderly, so to are less stressed-looking taxi drivers. The old guy who owns a huge house in front of where you live momentarily doesn’t call security anymore to complain about your noisy car as you get home at 3am. Manang serves the food like a professional chef well after she receives her bonus. The restaurant staff are more maasikaso, people at the mall, joyous and all, have a positive vibe within each of them, mornings are sweeter and there is always a tendency or urge to suddenly go for an early drive to Tagaytay to grab breakfast, or late nights with the barkada, as you whole heartedly open your house with open arms as they invade it, and completely obliterate whatever there is at the pantry or ref. Long drives, inuman nights, eager kids with their gifts and rewards in mind, late night shopping and sleepless nights of first-Christmas lovers, yearning to see each other, cant put down the phone, oh, what a season indeed.

As I was leaving the shop and heading to Ortigas for a biglaan delivery, I just observed the surroundings at a certain street at QC. I couldn’t help but wonder how your neighborhood is? Do you hate them as much as my friend Lawrence who would always wish them bad as the guy revs the hell out of his motorcycle everytime he leaves and arrives? Or Mark who has his own set of parking conflicts? Do you love them because they too got cool cars and Sunday mornings tend to be a boy’s discussion of cars when all you catch each other washing each’ cars outside the garage? Or probably your escape from maybe cars, or a certain hobby, or the stressful job you have, because they are a breath of fresh air to talk to, completely unrelated to any interest or affiliation you have. Does your street look ghostly or lonely because you only get to see each other once a year when fireworks are lit up the sky on new year’s eve? Or is it a love playground, kung saan ang kapusukan sa pagbig bilang kabataan ay dito nasubukan at umusbong ng subukan mo ligawan ang bawat dilag sa 9/10 houses sa street ninyo? Sorry for using tagalog on that one, I just saw it fitting for the message I wanted to convey to you.

Have you possibly taken for granted a huge part of your life which are your neighbors? Literally and figuratively.

Well guys, Merry Christmas, I just want to quickly share that the car I brought home a day ago made the police guy scatch his head on an early 7am Sunday Morning. He practically didn’t know what violation to impose nor to blow his whistle but hopefully not fire his gun. Good night guys and take it easy 🙂