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As riding a bike and driving a car as part of my daily routine, I think I get to appreciate more than dynamics of both worlds. I do believe that people who usually hate on motorcycles have to actually ride on for an extended period of time, maybe to and from work, or during deliveries or simple errands such I usually do, to better appreciate its dynamics and why these riders act that way. The same goes for riders who oftentimes cannot comprehend how cars act such as not being able to stop on a dime or certain distancing they need when manoeuvring through obstacles. The bottom-line is, before posting hateful comments on our friends from the motoworld, try riding a bike first, making it basically part of your lifestyle so you can understand and appreciate the hardships on being one, especially in our roads and air, well known for its potholes, shitty streets, smoke beltchers and unforgiving traffic. In short, mahirap siya, and you can never ever compare that to simply being inside your car.. cool and comfortable. Ranting, complaining, cursing how hard life is. 
The road is a shared place, its not as if there is life changing effect if you get to go first against that rider on your left or right diba? At the end of the day, both people will still go home to their usual homes and it did not grow twice the size and magically had 5 LED displays and a resto like kitchen, sleep the same time and wake up the same time . The amount of money you have on your wallet will remain the same (it did not multiply life loaves of bread as you would hope to) and the food you eat is still the same (sorry but the cans of Spam inside the pantry did not turn to angus).

Before complaining why your steak doesn’t seem to taste that good at your usual fine dining place, try going heading to the nearest carinderia, dine with the construction workers, the bank people, messengers and MMDA’s. Maybe that will blow your mind and change the way you think.