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Life can be a routine indeed if you think about it. At a certain time the jeepney barker calls for its share of passengers at the corner signalling and letting you know thats its that part of the day. I guess that’s part of life if you think about it. That no matter how you would want to move or stray away from the parallels of life in general, you are still bound by its time. No mater how hard you do the extra curriculars or the stuff that you would proudly exclaim as unconventional or not boring, father time plays its role into sucking the life out of you, thats the feeling I mean, and you find yourself sitting at a corner of a coffee shop or waiting while the stoplight moves as you stare at its counter. I sometimes think that my life is bound even by the stoplight’s counter, that even in those 50-60 seconds of wait, I have the sense or urgency or need to answer a few texts or make some calls.

Is idle time so hard to find nowadays?  Does life nowadays really move that fast?

Sunday you were just at Church, and suddenly you find yourself listening to Magic 899’s Friday Madness. I wonder if kids encounter the same phenomenon. I wonder if much weight from the world unto our shoulders would effect how we perceive of time. 

As I am typing this, there are dozens of couples at my right. Starbucks, 12:00am, finishing up with my work, a movie ending and people are heading to their respective parking lots. I’d like to compare how these inter-relationships work out for them, and how this is compared to the various cars and groups which we encounter over our lifetime. Truly there are better relationships, good women, the ones who know how to cook and the ones who don’t. The ones who love you like its the last day on earth and the ones who are cold as stone, the ones who hug you tightly and the ones who text and call in front of you. The ones who text you goodnight and absolutely always beg for your attention and the ones who sneak out to go out with friends at night, and in complete correlation are groups, cars and builds. In our lifetime I’m pretty sure that you’ve encountered groups that are way too organised, that serve as models to other groups to follow as far as venue, organisation and execution is concerned. And don’t forget the sponsors. On the otter hand, we cannot blame other groups that feel like a barkada, comfortable in hanging out, not too grandstanding, steady, enjoyable, and lax. 

How about cars that are built the right way from the start, fast, agile, hassle free, got all the right functional parts and the like. As compared to builds which seem to start with the wrong foot, from purchasing parts then immediately selling them because the owner feel it does not match or a complete incompatibility or wrong judgement. As I’ve always said to my friend Von, Oras lang any Katapat. Time changes everything and through it we learn stuff that makes us better, it makes us decide better may it be parts, or cars, or builds, to purchases to timing.

In essence its always sweeter the second time around. The same way we can handle next, past or present relationships better, or our next project better. Information has always been key may it be an emotion-less assignment of building or fixing car, or the difficult and maze-like task knowing how to handle a person.

Time to catch some shut-eye. Good night. be good.