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You have to be clear with what you are basically doing. What your focus on, or your origin. Are you really a shop that sells parts or you just loving hanging out. Do you see yourself taking pictures of models too much, saving them on your computer and even texting them often or are you hardcore and making enough money to feed your hunger to build cars. I think the socializing thing should come naturally to you and it would be too obvious if you were forcing it. It has to be clear you know, because in today’s scene, the line gets a little blurred. Just a quick thought as I went home on a tiring Saturday night, got my fries and burger on the way home and proceeded to my garage to work on something with laptop on my side table with the youtube guide, and of course Franco’s Soul Adventurer playing.

I do believe today’s car scene has created multiple personalities with regards to being an enthusiast. Some hard core, some like the selling side of it, others are into the hard to find parts, some on the other hand lean towards to motor sports side of it, some have evolved into photographers, others enjoy the social side of it if you know what I mean. So in hindsight, in what category do you belong?

I got reminded again of this as I was passing by a JDMU gathering, and greeted a few friends , at the same time more importantly checking out the cars and just seeing how much love and labor is put unto these machines. Never ending discussions online, mini gatherings, parts swapping, saying it straight up what works, what does not work, whats cool and whats a bit overboard. All these done in between and in my opinion the essentials in making everything clean and classy.

In complete contrast, have you seen Jurassic park and the vehicles that they used to tour the turista’s? (hint hint). That.