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I want †o go to Baguio, Bataan or Ilocos in a motorcycle, something I have been contemplating about since last month. One my day-offs which I take once a month since I do not have any sundays or weekends as you call it, I wanna go out and feed the environment and the view straight to my face and there is no other medium in achieving such feat but by riding a bike. Hopefully this year we can achieve that. All I need is a 400cc + Austrian and a utility box behind for my stuff. 

Sunday, what a Sunday. I was blessed with a good Saturday and even more on a Sunday. We got a few glitches here and there with regards to our spring installations but nevertheless we got to fix it and had the job done. Again, our shop is a recipient of a father and son project. I am at awe on how supportive the dad is to his son’s aspirations, it kinda left my jaw at the floor. As you know, I am always inspired by such since you would assume that I had the same experience with my dad, but no, he actually despised what I was doing during my online days and he basically hated it. He’d rather see me working under his wing and never have me any form of assistance or financing. Maybe through that that I had a sense of great pride. Of surviving and making it on my own, painfully, surely, gradually.. through the years. I think I can recall every meetup from all the Gas stations, malls and deliveries around the Metro. It was quite a roller coaster ride if you ask me, I then had a girlfriend then who was studying and I would basically budget my time in a pie, juggling my relationship, time on the road, my work under my parents and JDMselect. I would often joke about simply living in Australia and working at a fast food resto or even as a gradeschool teacher, something which I really dream of. I’d discuss how I would rather live in a very organized and orderly country and have just the right amount of pay, than being in the Ph. My parents would hate such brash comments and I can always remember my friend Mark Luna saying “mas maganda pa din sa Pilipinas mabuhay” and narrate its benefits as compared to living in other countries. #rockstar
I just had an attachment with the scene in Australia, or in plain view, the setting. AE86 with SR20 sitting at the garage, cool and cold turbo weather. Nice roads, no humps. right hand drive straight from the motherland. Clean builds, Nissan Skylines and Supra’s blasting through the roads with much tone and vigor but easing off to maintain the speed limit #blowoff #wapishh, Such things, of a car culture so distant, so alien to me, but somewhat familiar. An everyday sight, but it clearly leaves a mark. 
So here we go again, its summer. I lack sleep since we have been so busy lately for I think 4 consecutive days and I had to transport a couple of stuff from our Marikina paintshop to the branch at 2am in the morning. A bit later I need to meet a client for our 3rd install of a Jazz GK RS Mugen Kit. I’m glad the paintshop is doing its purpose nicely, all the equipment was worth it. The workforce involved just right, the skill level, always high. 
Thats it for now. Don’t forget your sunscreen and barkada. Vacation is a night’s sleep away.