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Our hero Manny just lost the fight and it truly feels sad. Because primarily this time its a national thing, at a worldwide stage. Sometimes you just need to step out of your comfort zone, those nice rooms, good looking cars and lavish lifestyle and simply be a Filipino at heart. To support your kababayan, even if it doesn’t bring any benefit to you. To shout, cheer and rejoice even if there is no gain or exchange. I’m truly amazed by my friends on Facebook who show admiration, camraderie and love for Manny. But at the same time entertained and amused by people who would rather post stuff that makes them so indifferent, so irrelevant, would rather talk about his car, or a trackday/funrun, his job or downplay Manny or the fight. I mean, come on, how one dimensional can you get. Just for one day pwede ba ang attention ay wala muna sa iyo sa halip ay kay Pacquiao muna? Are you truly that in love with yourself? Sometimes kailangan lang natin magpakatao and give our heart for someone who exhibited so much greatness in himself by coming from nothing and being at the pinnacle of everything. I admire him so much because in my own self, I never ever asked capital or cash from my parents as much as others would think of. I just started with 4 digits and a couple of Spoon parts and thankfully I am where I am. Hard work though usually unannounced will always reap the most rewarding benefits.  Our heart goes out to you Manny. Easy 100million dollars for you at least. And that is of course, is and always well deserved. 
“Projects chosen to the point of exclusivity, of not having a local body counterpart. Or something unreleased locally. Projects motivated by importation or a vision of pure track monsters or real garage queens.”

Now thats a project isn’t it? During the course of a journey of an enthusiast. its always unavoidable to run into an idea of creating or building a project such as that. For car guys its the higher road since you get to experience stuff that usually do not happen on a newer car, you get to learn new skills and data, things you wouldn’t ever get on a modern project. Hard to find parts, plans of making a catalog or replica car from Japan. Slightly illegal cars, or completely illegal. Cars that gain the equal attention of both enthusiast and the highway patrol. Cars that clearly stand out from the lot of tuner cars and have the admiration of real people you look up to. Stuff like that gives me the chills. If you notice I’m not naming any cars because I want you to read between the lines. Im pretty sure you get it and such cars are for keeps.