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I’ve always wondered how it feels to be on the other side. Meaning say for example you belong to the Honda crowd, you own a Civic, or a Jazz or an Integra, I wonder how awesome it would be to witness a parallel universe but this time, you own a Lancer and you’re basically part of the Mitsu Club. People would pay millions to get that feeling or even witness it for just a bit if you translate it to education, relatioships an even business

What if your parallel self owned a Subaru STI instead? Such an amazing feeling that may be, considering you’re such a hard core Evo nut, your wall shows it all, you only share Lanevo stuff, videos, pics and documents nothing more and nothing else, you got all the shirts, umbrellas, keychains and your whole room truly is a Mitsu fan’s dream come true. And in true Marvel fashion, you’re quickly transported to the parallel universe wherein, well, yes, as a Subaru gearhead. So you see yourself joining the Subaru morning funruns, those of which you usually hate seeing as you and your Lanevo friends head back to Manila from Tagaytay, and the Subaru group on the other hand playfully and carelessly heading upwards. You delight because there are more parts for your STI, as against to the struggle Lanevo owners have with their parts wherein it always seem to be a waiting game even for the simplest of parts. I wonder how you’ll tackle the build? Will you make your STI a celebration of everthing Perrin and Zerosports or make it as simple as how you built your Lanevo?

To be able to feel how the Toyota boys hang out and run on Friday nights, how their discussions on forums (well if they still exist..), or on Facebook group pages differ from yours, how their tambays at Shell which you only normally pass by with no regard whatsoever are now in full color. Suddenly the Small body, Bigbody and the one-elevens now seem to be a huge part of your daily life. How technical they can be too, and their hard to find parts and prices also rival your Spoons and Mugens.

What if you were to live another parallel life that of a Nissan enthusiasts, something you have never ever seen happening in your life. Seeing yourself, driving out of your garage in a Silvia S13. Surely it is in many ways a dream come true, of being able to handle a true sports-compact in every sense of the word. More importantly, being able to witness what makes these drifters tick? Like for many years you’ve always worshiped fast laptimes and traction and in the basic-ness of it all, the thriving feeling of making an FF as fast as possible. Now, in a RWD, your smile reaches ear to ear, in joy, in happiness, submerging yourself in that awesome feeling of fluidity, of being in control at the same time of not being “in control, shouting in the air: Rear Wheel Drive Rules!!!. That is drift. Stuff you see in TV, on Videos, now a reality. Ultimately and finally being able to discover and appreciate what makes the sport so famous.