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Well, as you all have known, a lot of people got upset with the page aptly known as Kadiri / Wasto Not surprisingly creations by P4 Autoworks were often targeted because of their unusual kit designs and approach to their body kits especially to that of the Civic FD. When the FD became more and more affordable to everyone, of course its only natural that when a lot more people get a hold of it, the more variations of it you’ll see on the road, meaning from subtle, low and simple ones, to that of wild and sometimes overboard ones. A CRZ FD? Well, that has enough steam to power a page such as KW.
To understand KW you have dig deep into the industry, or sometimes, just understand the roots of the people who are possibly behind it. Maybe these guys came from an era, when the EK9s and EG6’s ruled, when there was so much importance given on hard to find and legit parts and an approach that doesn’t scream too much: “LOOK AT ME”, but rather, in classic passing fashion, it simply says: “Check the details”… From Original Spoon SW388s, to Recaro seats, to original RAYS wheels, to Personal and Spoon Steering wheels, to low mileage JDM Gauges, to mint red Type R carpets, Brembo Brakes to classic blue Spoon Calipers and more. The list is so long to describe how different these guys are, and how they plan to impose such style on an ever evolving car culture. A culture that sometimes is failing to draw the line anymore. Thats why when you see the comments, if you’ve been long enough in the scene or fortunately connected, you’ll see familiar people commenting on the pics. True enough, when you talk to these people, or know them, its predictable and always inevitable for them to spit out these criticisms, of mockery, or metaphors and sarcasm. Check their background builds, and you’ll understand, their pattern, their view and understanding on how IT should be. 
On the other hand, there is always room for everyone, yan ang aking paniniwala sa simula’t simula pa. Drawing from each individual’s background, education, likes, passion, perspective, I have always believed that it will always reflect on his car. Thats why its always hard to argue with “My Way” or “ My Style”. Because arguing with that is like trying to argue with an institution, or probably the academe, or to put it simply, a School’s system of merits and demerits, a grading system, or maybe your Golf Club’s Rules and regulations. That a person’s style has and will always be rooted on the very fiber of who he is, how is was brought up, his influences and MOST IMPORTANTLY, how he processed and digested all those childhood/ teen information into being who he is. Good for him is bad for you, cool for you ain’t working for him. Its as simple as that. Because? Magkaiba kayo. Period.
Things like these happen, such as Kadiri / Wasto  The interwebz is a free world for everyone, as much as anyone can have his free will, pages such as WK are bound to either please a lot of people, or a form of release for a lot of purists out there, something they can relate on and comment on, sometimes sa mga pahinang ito lumalabas din any totoong kulay ng mga tao, purely in relation to cars, that no matter they rich they are, or how blessed they are, there is always room for mocking other people. Or sometimes, KW can be a wake up call for a lot of individuals on how to properly set up their car and the education they need. Or a hammer to lay down the law of form and function. Good vs Evil, Evil vs Good. Think of it as a storm guys, a wind of realisation, or a wind of change, trying to knock you out from your comfort zone.
And there you go. My 15 minutes are up. Thank you God for a blessed week. Tired but not out!. No complaints, just thanks to the guy up there. Im going to get my DVD now and enjoy the remaining two hours of whatever weekend has given me since I also work on Sunday. 

I hope this satisfies the people who PMed me on what my take it on this KW thing, I hope you liked what I wrote. If you don’t like it, its ok, I’m pretty sure you can write better than me (wink wink with no hint of sarcasm promise!) Good night. be good.