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Finally done with work at 9:32 pm since we had to check and do some adjustments on the Type R kit which we are going to install Tom at 7:00am. The amount of preparation is more than usual since we have one of the most meticulous customers around. We get used to it, and I always consider it a challenge since when a customer goes in our doorstep they expect more from us, or shall I say it’s the fact that our image has in the industry. So I guess there none again left for the weekend. The aspirations of doing DIY, or propabably a run at Ateneo, UP or a quick drive up the mountains has then again evaporated. 

Like a seasoned veteran, worn by the daily horrors of a daily “biyaheng” North to South, I say with much exhaustion that traffic in Manila is like a constant struggle to see through the road in such a way that you need to know how it’s doing on the way back while you are actually going to your destination. Sometimes, Waze is used not to show you the direction but to estimate the time in traffic and skip to another route which you already know and see if it comes up with something faster. This is the common case for me, or at least I share it with the PUV drivers or messengers of the road, since I need to see through the road for the simple reason of deliveries and errands to and from South. As great at the efforts of the HPG and our hardworking MMDA, the roads are too tight for such a volume of cars. Check the releases by the dealers and surely you will understand why. I usually use sweet spots going to South especially at night which is at 9pm. By that time you should be rolling at Libis. Any earlier and you’ll be stuck with the rush, and later on the other hand will be such a joy maneuvering in between large trucks as they come out of the ban.

I just thought that the government always falls short of the things that they need to provide to us. From social services, to proper roads, to traffic management, transportation to health care. As far as the standards accepted worldwide, I’m pretty sure we are and will always be way below standards.

Will we ever see better roads? I think thats far from happening, our good politicians have blessed us with such a good country, that it would be wise to just go to  a far away destination and unleash your beast there. Flat out, windows open, scream as much as you can, take pictures, eat at the carinderias by the side-road, skip from one beach to the other, stay at a cramped hotel and read your books and upload your stuff while in a bed that has 10% the foam of your uber expensive mattress at home.