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In my opinion the best way to teach proper driving manners in Manila is to basically react the right way. Say for example a car is struggling to merge in a lane, using his signal light, you should give way. Its a way of confirming his right move or action of using his signal light. That way, you showed him that if he  acts the right way, he’ll receive the proper reaction. The same goes for thanking people if they give way, a short honk of the horn or a wave would really go a long way in affirming that the driver who gave way made the right move. A sort of reward to him. I’ve always thought about these things, that the best way to educate a driver or slowly erase the rudeness that we Filipino drivers are known for is to act within ourselves and pave way to a cooler way of driving, that no matter how much cars you didn’t give way to, you cut and overtook, there wouldn’t be a 1-2 hour time difference on your arrival of whatever destination. That at the end of the day, we are part of this unsolvable massive and overpopulated road and we just have to barrel through it. 

At 7:45pm and 8:10pm, I made two quick parts deliveries. In just feels right making these deliveries as I have done years ago. Feels like home, feels natural and no hassle. I remember back in 2008-2009 I would drive as fast as I can to deliver parts while working a day job. At night after work, my schedule is usually busy as I would allocate all deliveries during those hours at various meet up points most often as nearby gas stations. Truly those times were part of the internet revolution/e-commerce. Online sales were skyrocketing and for some reason, people would ride the hype of inquiring to online stores and meeting up their owners and having their parts sent via the local courier. Thats what i thought. I remember back then when I had empty bat on the cellphone and my then GF and I would guess who among the people in front of Shell Select was our buyer. That was something nice to look back to, also various transactions which would occasionally disrupt our dates may it be during dinner, a movie or while shopping. The growing years of business, especially if you’re on your own and no partners whatsoever and have never asked for angel financing is one of the most difficult phases in life. It’s always truly rewarding to have gone through all that, on my own was my common adage and independence was deeply rooted in my belief. Walang nang sasarap pa kung ikaw any nagtaguyod sa sarili mo, at wala na iba.