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“Like with the NBA, we just have to accept that some Eras are not profitable anymore. If you plan to forge ahead and move forward, you need to embrace the present and future technologies. Of course there is always a special place in our heart for these “older” cars, memories of highschool, college, trackdays, shows and whatnot, the same goes for Kobe as we spent our barkada nights watching his games. He ruled our intrams and sportfests because almost everyone copied his moves, and his shoes lit up the court.”

“Always a great feeling to have good relationships with clients, friends and other shops. North and south collaborations via Blanche, Bigberts from the South and VC Autoworks from the North. Truly, nothing can replace a good-clean name.”

“Quick reflection: It sucks if there’s a really good brand from Japan being brought here, but its being handled by the most undesirable person in the industry. At the end of the day, it seems the product will only perform as good as the handler’s personality.”

“Overheard at the Autosalon habang nagiikot…. Nakuha mo ba yung number nung crush mo na model? Hindi sya maganda sa personal. Kinurot at nag-away ba kayo ng asawa mo dahil tingin ka nang tingin? Friends na ba kayo ulit ng shop na minsan ay sobra ka tinaga? Naging emosyonal ka ba na halos gusto mo mag speech sa stage? It’s a Monday and back to reality na. “

“I wake up earlier, put in the extra work the night before, fill up my planner extensively and carefully fixed my schedule but like the good stalker that she is, EDSA catches up on you. Nevertheless a beautiful sight!”

“Morning deliveries done! Moral story for the day: Sometimes the best tuned and the most loaded cars are the ones who don’t even see the light of EBs or gatherings. They even don’t care about posting Facebook pics. Some people just love collecting cars and well, collecting dust.”

“Can’t believe I just used an analogy by comparing Tirso Cruz 3rd and Tom Cruise in a desperate attempt to reassure an old schooler that it was the right decision to replace his old generic Auto Meter gauges with original Defi Racer Gauges.”