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This age is clearly a time for self expression. Obviously because of social-media, strongest would be Facebook eclipsing Twitter with that IG acquisition. As I diunk my tea here at SB Subic, after some end month deliveries, I begin to think I browse the newsfeed, of various pictures, selfies, High-res ones, pics of cars, people, random stuff, family and anything under the sun, I begin to realize that the phrase: “Coming up with too many selfies is a disorder” shall be, or will inevitably become obsolete. The digital age has blessed us with ability to record everything, every moment, as if pausing time, as we get this much close to having a time machine. If you think about it, our sons and daughters should be introduced to FB immediately because primarily it will serve as their timeline for the years to come. Thats why for us, to those who started 08-09-sh, we see blanks to everything beyond it, I can just imagine who sweet it would be if we started earlier, or if we had such technology earlier, how nice it would be to recall such events. It works both ways too for relationships, some celebrate in its ability to do such, to remind you of “memories with” but for some, I’m pretty sure its a bit painful, for the broken families, relationships and not so desirable pasts. Im also happy that we will be included on Google’s “Shop” view, or maybe one of their firsts here in the Philippines, it’s related to the streetview, only more specific, as people get to see whats inside. I guess its time for another cleanup and renovation. Times like these I wish I had a partner, or was a corporation. But solo flight we go. Goodluck to me.

Social media, is one big album for cars. I can just remember those Pbase stuff, and the websites dedicated for you to upload yours cars, to be rated, to be updated. Now, all those are a thing of the past. Social media mainly FB has revolutionized not only the way we interact with people, friends, family and all the individuals we stalk and crush on, but how we showcase, in our own way the cars we build. It’s a celebration of freedom, to show, to be proud, to pretend to be NOT bragging, to convey unto others how “immediately” some are blessed, and to appreciate hard work and “getting there”. 
The weekend and the end of the month is rearing its ugly head at me again, happy to have work, glad to have good friends, but unfortunately, end of month paperworks again and the usual backlog. So before I leave this usual overpriced copi shop, let me say good night to you all. Be good.