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It was rumored that she was advised not to contact me at FB or through phone as to avoid her from comparing her current BF to me, and feeling sorry about him. Now that’s flattering, as if I’m a figure or something naman, just a plain Juan here… I just wanted to get that out of my chest so moving along….

It really pays to have a good relationship with people, especially to clients, suppliers and groups. That is what I call a complete and full investment in our industry wherein one way or another, along this long road of ours, we’re bound to meet them, need them and encounter them, quick and in passing, involved or binding. Fit Fest 2016 is finally over and I’m pretty sure a lot of the people here still have a hangover from the event, by the sheer number of cars and the “completeness” or its corporate suave, it impressed a lot of people that’s a given, but more importantly, it made a mark on people’s minds on what that event truly was about, at core. 
Going back to investing a good relationship, I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be if you had problems with say for example the Core Members of Honda Club or HJCP in the past and there you go, years after, such as event happens. I mean you reap what you sow, that relationship matters and it all boils down to your character and how you moved yourself along that long road to either be avoided, or to be looked down upon or in plain sight, to be fairly treated just like any other person out there. Now, kung may atraso ka, ano kaya ang pakiramdam of not being able to attend such a big and “universal” event. Na halatang halata sa paningin ng iba na iiwas ka, or wala ka magagawa kundi tumiklop at maghanap nalang nang mapagkakaabalahan habang lahat ng kaibigan mo ay nagsasaya, at nakikisalo sa isang kaganapan na minsan lang mangyari. Like a kid who’s sick during a children’s party, sitting quietly in the room, watching through the window as his friends have a blast. I just thought of that. I know it’s a completely different perspective, but it has to be tackled, and I consider it an important facet of “being” in this industry, or in this community. 
That Sunday was really something, I almost got teary eyed as I honked my horn and waved hello to I think 10-12 clients whom I came across the road the whole day as I was still doing my shop errands, all of them, glittery and shiny, ready and committed, as they carefully drove their “gems” to an event called Fit Fest 2016. The selfies and Go Pro shots were flooding my newsfeed, it was truly “trending” as they call it nowadays at the interwebz. I just felt fulfilled, because we are a shop who clearly caters to that market, its not that I got flowery words to lift up the shop or to I’m trying to create an image BUT our Facebook wall and all our pictures, 7 days a week, concretely shows it. That every single day, Jazz’ come to the shop and buy our parts or avail of our services. That was the connection I had to Fit Fest, it was kind of defining and the same time fulfilling on my part and the shop’s mission from the very start. 
The question is, so what’s next? And an immense pressure luring over the next set of guys who’ll be in charge next year. But for now, lets bask and pleasure ourselves of this great feeling, of lingering excitement and delight. The hangover ain’t over. And that’s Fit Fest 2016…