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Coming out from a good Sunday lunch almost mirienda with my good friend sir Jay, I recall a conversation we had about his neighbor who for a time had a couple of EGs in their garage, then were replaced by a couple of EVOs and then most recently a set of Vespas whom we all know can easily equal the amount of any car on the road depending on the model. I just thought that sometimes, certain individuals decision on their hobbies and purchases are dictated their peers, or the social circles wherein they belong to. People evolve and their feelings towards what can keep them busy, or probably a source of contentment. Meaning, a guy cannot let go of his toy car, may it be an EK9, couple of EGs or his beloved Sti because he belongs to a group and would dread the feeling of being left out in the barkada or group. that there will always be this toy which you would always have on the side. I think this also applies on parts or collections. It goes the same way.

Then there are other individuals who I call fearless and literally move away from one hobby to the other. That they feel no remorse of any kind or do not care what their peers have to say. Like disposing of cars for a couple of bikes, to the effect gaining friends from this community, then later in a way leaving them, kind of inactive then moving on to the next set who are into bikes. Our hobbies present new roads to us, a new life, a new set of friends, and a different lifestyle. In some cases, our hobbies also influence the way we dress up, probably an altered schedule or the way we treat our work weeks and of course the weekends as we give way to night rides, gatherings, simple inumans and what not.