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As I was going for my usual jog, I noticed a group of friends laughing away under the tree at as browse through some old and funny pics maybe of past or present, from their vacation or during one of their classes. Their laughs were of pure joy, careless and sincere, as if their world is isolated from all the grim problems our country has. The lady at the corner, going for a selfie, she was  rapidly taking pictures, of different angles, changing backgrounds, changing themes, including the cars, the trees and the passers by as she tries to provide drama to the pictures she is taking. on my second and 3rd round around the oval, I am a bit surprised that she’s still at it. 

I begin to wonder if indeed, some people are really in love with themselves, or are clearly addicted to seeing themselves “apart” from them, seeing themselves in action or in drama via pics or even short and sweet videos on IG and FB. I begin to ponder upon life, that in the end after we live our life and we’re done with our careers, riches, aspirations, goals, relationships and everything, we still end up six feet under. NO matter who you are, how rich, famous, beautiful, influential or powerful we will end up in a coffin or in ashes.
Now going back to the selfies, I guess its OK!. Because there is no other person to be in love with, to praise or to take pics on but who else but yourself. That life is too short, too linear, unpredictable and ending for you to try to limit yourself, or trying too be proper or obedient to magazines and online articles on trying to be the “right” person. I’m not saying you should really go for it, but just go ahead and take those selfies at wag ka magalala. Live it lang.
Moving along, well my take on LTO’s ban on 15 year old cars? I”ll make it short and this best summarizes it. Our good government and its overly effective branch which is the LTO, is trying to go the easy route of going after the private sector to remedy the traffic in Metro Manila. Why? Because of after years and years of corruption and disorderly policies for the road, licensing and public franchises, it has finally come to this… the roads are clogged up because of too much PUVs on the road, buses not following regulations, traffic stoplights that do not work, roads that undergo yearly renovation as a source of income for the local officials, a very “broken” train system and the lack of interconnecting flyovers as compared to neighboring countries. Once again, pinataw nanaman ng gobyerno ang kanyang kakulangan sa mamayan. That best describes it. 
TAKE NOTE that while LTO is trying to implement this, it still has its share of problems with the card supplies and still hasn’t completely settled its debt with company that provided their systems. Ang tindi diba?