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One week after the elections and the political posts have finally died down. I have always believed the the newsfeed here in the Philippines is like a fiesta. I’ve always said that you need to join, enjoy, participate and never take things too personally. That is the way Filipinos do Facebook, or shall I say our society does. We are the top social media user in the world or top 3, and add that to a unique culture and what you have is a wonderful and chaotic confusion.

If there is one thing I learned in the months before the election is that some people really have a knack of believing that they are better than others. Thats the truth. Sadly, Facebook has revealed the true color of some individuals thus further cementing my old, tried and tested idea that politics and money reveal one’s true colors. Its ok to be a fanatic but not too much naman that people may wonder how many millions have you donated for the campaign, or by the mere concept that, in 5-6 years, you may be cringing when you backtrack your Facebook, or in voluntarily shows you memories and you tell yourself, what was I thinking and why did I say those things. Wilbert, my genius, and uber rich and successful friend who is a fellow car love (mine is a Jazz his is a mini, mine is Civic, his is a Porsche kinda thing… ) campaigned for Mar, and I’m pretty sure he had a huge chunk of financial contribution, yet he’s cool about it. I can even joke about Mar in his face, with him patiently and diligently breaking down to me why his party is the logical and clear choice. It reminded me how he would tirelessly explain to me the Math problems I had difficulty in solving back in HS.

The month of April and May has been good to us. I feel our ties with Honda PH is even strionger as we further promote their products through our projects at various shows, all the more at the recently concluded Fit Fest and Hot Import Nights. We look forward to the coming months in anticipation of the new Civic. One of our friends, client and an executive from Honda will be grabbing one of the first RS Turbo’s here in the Philippines so we’re excited to check it out and see the similarities and differences from the older generations specifically the FB and FD chassis. We did our homework too as we have a few items up our sleeve from YS and especially our suspension/springs from Eibach which is now being developed in Germany. We still stay true to our identity, that we serve subcompacts, that and nothing else.  Through the months, we have also put more emphasis on original parts, better suspension systems and wheels. A true testament for the love of the scene. So there you have it, a 10 minute blog from yours truly. Good night. Be good. My headache is killing me.