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We’ve all matured. We all know that. From the way we speak, the way we think, the way we treat our friends or how we perceive information around us. We’ve learned to keep it cool, stay out of trouble, rethink before we speak and never put too much money on the line. I’ve just observed that sometimes the cars we build can be a reflection of what we’ve come to be. Or maybe the speed on how we build it is a reflection of how we take life nowadays, and how some priorities in life clearly overtake that our our most precious hobby. Something which you could have never thought of would happen in the past. The past, which as you may recall put motorsports, cars, parts and car groups above else in your life. Never mind food, or time for parents, or the upcoming exams, the reunion or that concert at Araneta, we all know that most of us would rather enjoy speeding through the Zig Zags of Tagaytay, spend hours ogling at our project car, installing parts past midnight or meeting up with our fellow car enthusiasts at Silver City, Metrowalk, Greenhills or Alabang. We are after all car nuts, and during those days, that identity is strongest. That this hobby which we all love takes precedence over everything. Even your highschool sweetheart.

Walang pinagkaiba yan sa dati mong ugali na: “it’s now or never”. As you and your friends are on your usual inuman, and suddenly there’s this super beautiful, tall and charming girl in the area and you have this strong and compelling urge to approach her, talk to her and ultimately get her number because of the plain and obvious reason that there wont be a chance anymore next time or that moment is for you to grab, take over your life and make your own destiny. Ganyan ang mga motto ng kabataan, feisty, hungry, sabik, malakas ang loob at minsan ay KSP.

The talkboards, the selling pages, our who owns and who sells what… GRAB it now! In my opinion thats how we are as young enthusiasts. Get that Caliper, or those rims, or that Gathers interior, or those Recaros, get it while its still there. Relentless, budget-unconscious, limitless and “Gigil” that’s how we deal with cars back then. Sometimes, we can also reflect on how were as young enthusiasts. Not only by the way we style our cars, but how we choose the parts, the speed on how we built it, or how in-love we were with that hobby, and the level of enthusiasm we had.

My friend had this line which he often says: “Mabuti pa dati kahit naka-SIR lang ako, I would go to my Lolo’s village, take tons of pictures of my car on that same corner, timing it as the sun sets creating a wonderful camera effect, post it on PBASE that same night and link it up at the forums. Ngayon, naka M3 nga ako, tamad na at pagod na para mag pektur at nagagamit ko lang pag Sunday pag bibili ako ng dyaryo.”

Goodnight everyone and have a great weekend. Grabbing dinner in a few. Peace. Be good.