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One of my worst nightmares is ending up as a two dimensional individual. That not everything revolves around cars and parts, motor sports and all. Thats why as much as I can, I do travel abroad when the budget allows, there is also room to learn new stuff from friends from a totally opposite field, or getting to read some books, comics, documentaries and anything totally unrelated to cars and basically experiencing life without the the usual comfort provided to us by our four wheeled machines may it walking or a bike ride to the random places which you’ve always yearned to go to. Going alone is of a different topic altogether hehe 🙂

To tell you the truth, I do not want to be known, or at least on Facebook as the person who post nice cars, or gets 200 likes from posting his garage or a nice wide-bodied car with a 6 digit CF wing, I want to be known as a person, well educated, who thinks and works outside the box, that box of course is the industry and the life which we live. I also enjoy blogging, and is something I greatly take pride from as I suppose that writing is one of the greatest liberties we have a humans.

Hanggang saan ka bilang isang tao? Hanggang doon nalng ba sa mahal na mags, magarang damit at masarap na pagkain? Yung date places and resto na paborito ninyong magselfie magkabarkada or habang kasama mo ang mahal mo? Concerened ka pa din sa angulo ng camera dahil mas muka kang maganda kapag galing sa taas ang kuha? “Tumaba”, “pumayat”, “umitim”, “pumuti”, “gumanda” at “na-haggard” or “whats up bitch?” pa din ba ang mga salitang unang mo binibigkas kapag binabati mo ang iyong mga kaibigan? In love ka pa din ba sa sarili mo lalo na kapag dala mo ang iyong kotse? Or are you willing to extend yourself with a clear understanding that:

1) You only live once
2) There is more to money and looks
3) Everyday presents a choice for you to make

Back when I was doing voluntary work to provided assistance and education to the less fortunate, I believe that my travels outside Manila are those that shaped me to who I am today. I’, a car enthusiasts, yes that is true but I am most alive when I go to the remote places wherein the basics are presented to you. As we set camp on a cliff overlooking a vast mountain range, I feel that there is more to life than what we are currently living on. That there are lives beyond all that we are interested about, expensive stuff that we wear, the newest clubs and restos, who’s who in society and the latest gossips and all. That beyond all that we are accustomed in Manila, there is another part of reality way different, odd at times, often opposite but presents to us a window of realisation for a lot of things in our lives. May it with our work, family, friends, our torn and strong relationships, our past, present and future. It is as if when we’re out of our usual turf in Manila, “somehow” we can pause, get to passively meditate, think clearly, breathe in & out and basically get a hold of ourselves.