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Some people sell to make money and make a living, and some sell for the passion for cars and its numerous facets. Some sellers provide products because they see an opportunity to make it in a very active market while on the other hand some guys draw passion from the makings of being a real car enthusiast, of being lighter and faster on the street. Some people choose to use the word accessories, while others chose not to and rather go for “parts”, “performance” or “Go-Fast”. Some people choose to go up the stage and some people let their clients head up and feel the limelight. Some are happy with their stocks and a hefty bank account but some keep a stable of cars to fuel their passion, to keep them literally and figuratively awake day to day. Some choose to cross-over to various forms, while others stay true to the compacts. Some had taken opportunity to market cheap yet fast selling stuff, whilst others have chosen to patiently wait and remain loyal to good stuff….

That stuff is what teaches an often young and naive crowd of the interwebs, on FB and IG what really makes the industry. Whats proper, and whats real. Trying to mold them, away from a present industry that praises too much skinny models at 5k/hour, LED, decals and caliper covers. Away from much glam as against function. Away from the stuff that breaks 3 months after your purchase it towards something that last you a lifetime.

Alin sa dalawa ang gusto mo is often a reflection of your car. What you choose is a reflection on how you view the industry as a whole.