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Tania and I would usually find ourselves in the streets may it be at Thailand digging though the tasty street food at 2am in the morning, or in Malaysia, eating such large shrimps while gazing at a metallic blue R35 passing by just a few steps from our table, romantic moonlit dinner, somewhat highlighted by something we both love, and surely what others love too. Vietnam is a different adventure altogether wherein you throw away everything you’ve know so far or accustomed to with reference to Hongkong and its flashy cars and replace that with a motorcycles, yes, a truckload of them, no, even more, enough for the government to award them their own lane. To put it simply I think every citizen of Vietnam had one. The streets are filled with them and we are now where near their skill handling such by the MM clearances. Our travels to various countries keeps us grounded, that we are nothing and helpless in the middle of a realm we know nothing about. It simply feels refreshing to travel on a backback, somewhere in the middle of the city wherein no one knows you, your background and what have you. In front of you is a world to discover, trying to communicate, doing to your best to understand, digesting the details so you could then appreciate stuff which are, in ways, out of your usual routine and system.

Looking back the cars we had are someone similar or symbolize the relationships we had. That near-track car SIR is like the model girlfriend we had. Quick, fast but very problematic. How about the Accord you had that sat on 19s and stayed low to the ground, beautiful and graceful but lacked excitement that you had to say it’s not you, it’s me, you simply yearned for something that excited the man in you, or the enthusiast in you. Through the course of our lifetime, our cars have always been part of our lives. When you’re eye to eye with your car, there’s always a tendency to look back on past experiences, difficulties, losses and triumphs. As if it can readily tell you stories of loved ones, the family, blood, sweat, tears, things and or moments which can never be replicated nor brought back.