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If there’s one thing we can all be proud of is being able to deal with different types of people. Life throws a lot of stuff at you day by day, at work, play, leisure and the like, and through that, we are able to experience life and most importantly different people. May taong parang matandang dalaga ang ugali, there are free loaders, pioneers, aggressive people, humble, mayabang, mahangin, mabait, mama’s boy, siga and all, and I guess that is what life is. 
In your life, I think life is bound to throw in an compete asshole here and there just to stir things up, to make it a tad difficult, rather being a challenge to you as you make way in this thing called life. We need these people in our life, that office mate that annoys you every single day, that crush that always takes advantage of you and you end up treating her coffee at the expensive coffee place just across school. How about that friend who inspires you to work harder, or that neighbour na walang kasing simple pero when you open his gate he has 5 valid sport cars. Or the business people who you have to deal with day by day, who look at people with Peso signs in their heads, who smile when you pay good, and frown and treat you like nothing when there’s nothing to profit from. How about that guy who has 25 bible verses stuck in his car window, but is a complete jerk when he drives. 
Education. Thats why its important. Thats why its essential for kids to get quality education, to gain formation and of spirit thats nourished the right way. Not by the struggles of life, nor by greed, not by business and absolutely not from the sense of urgency to gain or earn. But by truly understanding life and being a man for others. Of working diligently and doing business not only for profits but to alleviate the life of other people that of your employes and their families. I’ve always believed that if your motivation comes from greed, you are simply wasting your life away, or in many cases people view you as one dimensional. You’re stuck into perceiving people as to what they can give you not to what their value is as human beings. 
Do we live for money, or shall we rather strike that perfect balance in life?