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Everyone needs an EG, the same way we need that speed drug which we as enthusiast yearn for and the basic backbone of this hobby turned passion. the Civic EG in its most basic sense is the favorite pocket rocket in my opinion. It’s something that is assumed to undergo a basic set of mods and ultimately leading to a better engine, some bigger brakes and a career, if fortunate enough, leading to motorsports and the like. I’m writing this letter at a Cafe at Gyongdong, overlooking a busy street full of professionals, families, lovers and basically individuals who has a knack for shopping and dining. I couldn’t help but compare and think back to what we have in Manila. At ang lamig, promise.

Inno drives his EG, windows done, feeling, hearing, continuously inspired by the sound and terror that his B18c5 brings. Passing through Katipunan on eventful Friday night, teens on their backpacks Still, dining, chatting with their friends,couple of friends slightly curious of the balut and penoy Manang is selling.  Kids at Starbucks, eating much time, sipping that coffee, trying to be relevant, of the norm that nowadays one has to have that coffee in hand before they can start studying, before they can even start a task or even concentrate. During such time, past midnight, our good friend El Natcho might be ripping to and from Tagaytay through its lesser known back roads. he may be on a FF, or a FR of his choice. Trying new stuff, clicking endlessly on that stop watch, of what makes his car faster than the other one, chasing himself, questioning what could have been faster on that particular corner, his BRZ, CRZ or the Porsche. A true and undying testament that there are still enthusiasts out there who are simply addicted to driving. No fancy stuff just driving. 

The Civic EG is an entity which has intersected our lives one way or another, its a trip down memory lane, a pure nostalgia machine or that great teacher to all of us. May it be on parts, or being a purist and most importantly, of putting much importance on function rather than form.

Well in my opinion, one of the simplest lessons of owning an EG Sedan and Hatch through out these years is showing me the true essence and the ultimate form of a manual. Meaning, it completely changed my perspective on cars in such a way that I question myself on whats the good of buying that manual STI or Evo or WRX, when you can have your 1800 lb B18 EG hatch just completely destroy everything on the road, come up with the fastest laptime and still go home unscathed and/trailer-less. That there is nothing more ultimate that the manual EG, and that everything else could be considered just a “powerful cruiser”. Now thats my narrow minded point of view.